Friday, August 26, 2011

Dreamin' of Party Time

My little girl's first b-day is this week.  

My mind is reeling with ideas for a girly-girl party with beautiful decorations and yummy treats fit for my little princess.  Hmmm....  

Realistically, it isn't going to happen! 

First of all - She will be one!  She's not going to care!  And second of all - about 2 months ago we moved across the country from everyone we know!

But, if I WERE to throw a big b-day shin-dig, here's how I see it goin' down:

Invites from minted
Sweet birthday Children's Birthday Party Invitations

(She loves balls - ones that fit perfectly in her little hands.  Small balls would be all around.)

This is not my daughter - but she will be doing this!  We have every intention of putting a cake in front of her and letting her go to town!


  1. This is some awesome inspiration for the shin-dig! Yeah, I feel ya on the moving away from all your party buds...we did the same last year )c: But sometimes, just a family party is even better because then you just get to enjoy each other (c: Happy Birthday to the little princess, I hope it's a perfect day!


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