Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sightseeing Savannah

We spent the long weekend in Savannah, GA.  I tried to capture some of the beautiful details of the city.  Watch out, I posted quite a few!  

I am definitely not a professional photographer - I just have my little point-n-shoot camera!  (I 've been using a month trial of PhotoShop's amazing how you can quickly enhance photos with it.  I love it!)


  1. I cannot believe that is a point and shoot. The images look amazing. Do tell!

  2. ohhh... Savannah is gorgeous! I went there once and loved the history and beautiful homes. You took amazing photos! You captured Savannah charm beautifully! :)

  3. So glad I found your blog today, I loved checking out all these pics (hope you frame some of them up, so pretty). We try to visit Savannah or Charleston every year while on vacation in Myrtle Beach. You're lucky to live so close you can go for the weekend.

  4. What are your favorite places in Savannah...I'm going in March and would love some ideas. I love your blog by the way!


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