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Brigadoone Living Room Progress

Hello!  Thanks for stopping by!  I want to share the progress of a living room I am currently working on.  This room has tall ceilings and a wall with tall arched windows. Only two adults live in this home, but they have a lot of family that come to visit often so they wanted a lot of seating. A sectional became the obvious choice to obtain that desire.  After much debate, we ultimately settled on placing the sectional in front of the window.  The floor plan of this home is very choppy, and so making this room feel open was very important. (What the room looked like before I started)  At a local furniture store, I found a sectional that was in my clients' budget and could be customized. It was special ordered in a large 'L' configuration in a durable cream fabric.  Also ordered were two deep teal ottomans. My client really loves saturated and bold colors.  Below you can see the color scheme and some of the decor for the room.  The white and na
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Sitting Room Design

 Hi there!  Today I am sharing a front living/sitting room that I am currently working on with a client. The process began by meeting at my client's home and seeing the space in person.  During the consultation, my client was able to tell me what she used the room for, how much seating she wanted, the look she wanted to achieve, her thoughts on possible color schemes, and what she envisioned for the space.  I asked some additional questions, and took pictures & measurements.  With those measurements I created a 2D and 3D floorplan for furniture placement, and then got her approval before proceeding any further. Once the basic floorplan was signed off on, I then began finding furniture pieces and decor for the space.  I came up 2 different options that are very similar but with a few varying pieces.  From those 2 she picked which one she liked best.  She chose the top picture! Currently, we are in the stage of purchasing of items and m

Living Room Floorplan

I have a new project helping a client with their living room.  First thing on the list is to figure out the furniture layout of the room.  Here are the floor plan images I sent to my client to convey the best layout for the space. (Please note all of these images are void of accessories, art, pillows,  lamps, etc.  We have not gotten to that point yet!  The primary purpose of these visuals are to establish the furniture layout.) We are just getting started, there is much work to be done! ___________________________ Do you need help making your home a place you love?   Visit my website to see the services I offer!

Dining Room Before & After Shots

I just wanted to share a dining room transformation! Here is the 'After' Shot. The great thing about this transformation is that it only took a few changes to really make it shine! We picked out a graphic and bold fabric for new custom drapery panels.  We kept the same drapery rod and hardware.  In addition, we also selected a new wool looped rug to replace the oriental one that my client had grown tired of.  The last major change, was the paint color. Changing the wall color to a beautiful gray really helped to brighten the space.  The same gray color was already in the foyer and living room, so painting the dining room the same color really helped with flow. My client did a great job finding new lamps and mirror to replace the old. This is what the room liked like before. And again here is the after!

3D Floorplans and Room Shots

Sometimes my clients have a hard time envisioning a new furniture layout and design in their home.  I recently began using a new program that allows me to show my clients 3D floor plans, along with various 3D room shots. To give you an idea of what I am able to do with this new program I am going to share with you a current living room project of mine. This is a snap shot of my messy, handwritten notes of the clients room.  I get all the nitty gritty measurements during the initial in-home consultation. With all of these measurements, I create a basic black and white 2D floorplan.  Not too exciting, but necessary to understand the basic idea. Afterwards, I create a polished & visually appealing 3D floorplan.  Along with the 3D floorplan, I also create various 3D room shots to present to the client. Once my client agrees to the layout and design, I go to work making the design a reality! Does your home need a little bit

Pillows, Glorious Pillows

Hi there!  Just posting quickly to share some phone pictures of custom pillow covers made for a client of mine. These covers do not have the forms in them yet, but you can still see how gorgeous the fabrics are! Now to deliver these beauties to my client - along with other drapery panels and roman shades!

Lake Residence After Photos

Here are the 'after photos' of the Lake Residence I promised I would share awhile back.  If you would like to see the before shots of the space click here .  If you would like to see a previous post about the process of selecting the rugs for this space, click here . To see all of the after shots of this space visit my   portfolio page on my  website . Ready to get started on your home?!!  Visit my website !