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Sitting Room Design

Hi there!  Today I am sharing a front living/sitting room that I am currently working on with a client.
The process began by meeting at my client's home and seeing the space in person.  During the consultation, my client was able to tell me what she used the room for, how much seating she wanted, the look she wanted to achieve, her thoughts on possible color schemes, and what she envisioned for the space.  I asked some additional questions, and took pictures & measurements.  With those measurements I created a 2D and 3D floorplan for furniture placement, and then got her approval before proceeding any further.

Once the basic floorplan was signed off on, I then began finding furniture pieces and decor for the space.  I came up 2 different options that are very similar but with a few varying pieces.  From those 2 she picked which one she liked best.  She chose the top picture!

Currently, we are in the stage of purchasing of items and making any adjustments as needed. As this p…