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How To Select the Right Lamp for An End Table

Lighting is very important to any room. With all the varying styles, it can be hard picking the right lamp for an end table.  Here are a few tips you might find useful:

1 - Think of your lamp as part light, part sculpture/jewelry for the room.  Your lamp needs to perform a function but should also look pretty!

2 - Think about what style you are going for.  If your room is traditional, generally a tapered lamp shade tends to be a good option.  If your room is modern, stick with a streamlined drum-shaped shade.

3 - Think about your lighting needs for the room.  If you need a lot of light, don't pick a black (or really dark) shade, instead go with a lighter colored one to give off more light.  

4 - Think about the scale of the table it will be sitting on.  If you have a 'beefy' or heavy-looking end table, a small & delicate lamp most likely won't look right.  Pick a lamp that is proportionate to the size of your end table and the surrounding furniture.

5- Don't b…