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Important Key Points When Painting Wood Furniture

I have two ends tables that I purchased at local second-hand shops that needed a little bit of lovin' and a fresh coat of paint.  Believe it or not, these are the  first pieces of furniture that I have personally  ever painted.  I have suggested the idea to clients,  but as for me and my house, I had never done it.

If you are looking for a step - by - step  tutorial on how to paint your wood furniture, this is not it!
I just want to share a few very important key points that I learned along the way:

1) Use an oil based primer.  I learned the importance of this after painting my first end table.  The table actually turned out cream colored  - even though I used white paint -  because I just used regular wall primer.   From what I understand, the oil based primer stops the furniture stain from seeping through your new paint color.  Zinnser Primer (the one in the gold can) is a great oil primer, and is what I used on my second table.  (This primer is also designed to stick to glossy …