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Candle Holders That Won't Break The Bank!

Click on below numbers to see where you can purchase these beautiful candle holders!

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Soothing and Relaxing Living Room Design

I just wanted to share a recent living room design that I put together for a client.  My client really wanted a relaxing and soothing room.  The room is almost near completion, and is looking quite beautiful!  Hopefully, in the near future I will have some photographs to share!

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Affordable Garden Stools

Last week at my local Sam's Club I spotted these Garden Stools for an outstanding price of  $40!  I'm convinced I NEED one!!;) These cute little stools are so versatile, and can be used outside or inside.
Porchlight Interiors 
To view my round up of garden from various online stores click here.
BHG - via
Garden stools can just about be placed anywhere & simple look fabulous!  They can be found in variety of colors and styles - to view my round up of garden stools from various online stores click here.

NOTE:  None of the above images are mine (with exception of the first one I took in Sams Club).  Click on links below each image to see where I found them.

Project Peek: Bare Wax Studio & Salon

I have been working on decorating a new wax and salon studio here in town.  We almost have everything completed.  The only space that I have quickly snapped a picture of is the bathroom..weird, I know!  But, since I have a few before and after snapshots I thought I would share them.
To give you a little background, the owner had just had the space painted brown, it was light baby blue before.  I just picked out the accessories and finishing touches.
Here is the BEFORE shot:
And here are a few AFTER shots:  (See--- definitely not professional photography!  That is something yet to happen!)

I decided that the space underneath the sink needed to be covered.  This created a much needed storage space, and gave the bathroom a softer, finished look.  My client loved the blue and brown leopard print fabric so that is what we went with.  It was perfect with the wall color.
The mirror was purchased from Home Decorators and the other metal wall art was purchased from Overstock.  The canvas art …

Bedroom Spruce-Ups!

Here are a few bedrooms I recently made over. I used what my clients already had (furnishings and paint colors) and added to that with fresh window treatments, bedding, throw pillows and a few accessories.  If you are interested,  I already showed you the family room and dining room, for this same residence, click here and here to see them.  
BEFORE shots of master bedroom:

Design board I put together for the space:
AFTER Shots:

BEFORE shot of  guest bedroom:
Design board I put together for the space:
AFTER Shots:
My client's mother painted the artwork.  The whole design was based around them.

BEFORE shot of teenage daughters' room:
Design board I put together for the space:
AFTER shots:

End Table to Play Table

Santa brought my girls a play table for Christmas.   It started out as a boring (but sturdy) end table. And this is how Santa transformed it.
The table was found at a second-hand shop.  It cost $25:) The red chairs were also found at a second-hand shop/$35 for both!

Santa painted the table white with left over house paint and then painted the colorful stripes with craft acrylic paint.  To seal the table and make it really durable, it was topped off with three coats of polycrylic (an absolute must!).
Santa decided on the colors by referring to a fabric that will be used in their room.
This table gets moved all around the house, it's been a lot of fun!

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Four Simple Ways to Re-Do & Revamp Your Home Office

Uma Campbell is with us today, sharing a few tips on how to spice up your home office! -----
Whether you use your home office to get work done, to pay your bills, to organize your thoughts and ideas or to plan activities for the family, you want it to be a space where you enjoy spending time. If your home office is dark and dingy, chances are good that you aren’t going to feel very inspired to complete the tasks that you need to complete. Heck, you may not even want to enter the space at all.

Image: Houzz
Make your home office a more inspiring space with some easy to do touch ups. Here are 4 simple ways that you can breathe new life into your office space, turning it into a room that inspires creativity and productivity.
1.Re-Do the Walls: Something as simple as re-doing the walls can add new life to your home office. Add a fresh coat of paint or hang up some wallpaper and you will instantly give the room an entirely new look. If you don’t want to paint or wallpaper the entire space, y…

Dining Room Makeover

Here is a dining room makeover I recently completed.  I also made over the family room (along with other rooms still to be revealed) that I posted about here.
As I mentioned in my earlier post, my client just wanted to make their home more welcoming and comfortable without spending a million bucks, as they will most likely only be in this home for a few more years.  
We did not do any painting and they already had all their major furnishing for the space. I'll be honest, I was a little worried about what I was to come up with the burgundy dining chairs!  But, somehow it all seemed to come together. Here is the plan I came up with:
And here is how it turned out!

My clients already had the mirror, console table, and accessories shown in the below photo.  They were just scattered around the house, so I just rounded them up and put them together.

I think the space turned out great!  My clients were also very happy with how it turned out.  They said they just want to come and 'sit…