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Melissa's Inspiration Notebook

I have been dreaming lately about how I would redo my master bedroom. There is a pretty good chance that we may be moving in the next few months, so I just might get that chance :) Shh!!...don't tell my husband.. actually, he did mention we needed new bedding... :)
So, I have been debating on what color scheme I would go with. I have always been drawn to warm and cozy colors. Maybe that is because I am a 'summer girl' and love the heat. On the other hand, I like the relaxing feeling of cool colors, like light lilacs and soft blues.
I think I came up with a compromise between the two. Here is the vision floating around in my head...

Creating a Focal Point in a Room

There is nothing more monotonous than a room with blank boring walls. All rooms need a focal point. A focal point grabs attention & draws the eye. A focal point also helps to make a room feel more balanced & inviting. If your room has a fireplace, a beautiful picture window, or a wall of built-in shelves you're lucky - there is your automatic focal point. If your room doesn't have any of those things you have to create one. Here are a few ideas:

Put a vertical stripe of a bold printed wallpaper as a background to a console table- Without the wallpaper the plain console table with simple black lamps would be a boring vignette. Notice the piece of art on each side made of the same wallpaper design.
Let the headboard do the talking - Isn't that just so pretty? It is just enough punch to add a wow factor. If the print is too much for your taste, you can always do a solid upholstered headboard. Just make sure there is enough contrast between the color of the …

Pillow Talk

What a crazy last couple of days it has been! Phew! But, here I am doing a quick post on something we all love--PILLOWS!!
When I went into work on Saturday, I saw that we had gotten in some of these gorgeous little things. Umm yes...I will take one of each! They are from Villa Home Collection. Love them!

'Blah' to 'Beautiful' Bookcase

Did anyone see the Nate Berkus Show yesterday?
The segment was '$5 Home Fixes,' and they showed how to very inexpensively fix up a boring bookcase. A striking fabric was added to the back panel--Easy! I don't think this photo really gives it justice, it showed up a lot brighter when I watched it on T.V. Take a look!
I have a bookcase that could really use a little jazzing up. I am totally going to do this idea!
To watch the segment or learn more about this project click here.

Decorating With Books

Image via Rue

When accessorizing for clients, I ALWAYS include books. I don't think there is a more charming accessory than simply stacking unique, nice-looking books on a side table, coffee table, or in a bookcase.
Group books with other eye-catching accessories that are varying heights. Generally, group an odd number (three is usually good) together. Image via Elle Decor

Another great idea is to hang art over the bookcase. Shh!! The art could hide clutter... Image via Domino Magazine

And wouldn't grouping books by color really make a bold statement in a room?

There are all sorts of bookcases available. This Herringbone Spine Bookshelf is from West Elm.

I love this idea! These little shelves are made out of books!

Looking for a DIY project? Create a lamp out of books! For the 'how to', click here.

Paper Storage Boxes

I love purchasing items to make my life more organized. For this, one of my favorite websites is When I visit this website, I just dream about what I would love to buy to organize my life and the lives of others! (So dorky, I know!) Take a look atthesepaper storage boxes that I bought today for a project I am working on in my place.
I am excited for them to arrive!

Weekend Read

This weekend, I read this book that I checked out from the library: It was a great design-related read. It's full of pretty pictures, DIY ideas, and great design solutions. I recommend it, it will keep you entertained for a few hours and will leave wanting to redecorate your home (or at least go paint something)!
One of the homeowners,Gregory Han & Emily Ho, featured in this book said this:

Isn't that an awesome quote to remember when purchasing items for your home?

Friday Finds

The other night my husband and I wandered into Anthropologie. My husband would rather have 'wandered' into some sporting goods store - but we were on a date so he was being nice :)
They had some really fun things so I pulled out my phone camera and snapped a few photos.
I loved the chair. Can't you see that in a modern industrial-like home? Not so comfy, but who really cares... it's eye candy! It was also $1300 :) And then there was the light bulb display. Lots of bulbs strung and hung from the ceiling - great idea!
I could have spent way more time looking around in this store, but I spared my husband after snapping a few photos and left.
Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Designing Women

Today I toted along Lydia for my design appointment, which will most likely happen fairly often since I don't have someone to leave her with. I borrowed a baby carrier from my sister-in-law so that I could still hold her but have my hands free to take pictures, measure, etc. She had a blast! She loved being in on all the action as I snapped photos and pulled out my paint deck in front of her to match colors.
This is the very cool building in the Avenues that we went to. It is almost 100 years old. The elevator had bars that slide across the opening once you have entered.

My client is still deciding if this is the right home for him. I gave him my thumbs up, as it has beautiful upgrades done my the current owner, along with great views, beautiful wooden floors, and is undoubtedly a beautiful condo! I mean take a peak at this kitchen!

Inspiration Notebook

Home Office Concept Board

This is a concept board for a client. The room is starting to come along - the walls have been painted, and some of the furnishings have been delivered. It is an interesting space - the size of the room is about 11' x 11' with about a 12' ceiling, and it is located in the middle of the home so there are no windows (Yah, I have a lot of wall space to work with...)
The main furniture pieces in the room are coming from San Francisco Design (in SLC). I am very excited about the clock, as it is a custom design we are doing. More to come about that later!
Anyway, hopefully the room will be completed soon, and I will post pictures!
***Do you have an awesome office in your home or someone you know? I would love to see it! Email me at***

Friday Finds

Lydia (my 6 mo. daughter) and I decided we needed to get out of the house and take a break from client's projects, and playing on the floor with baby toys. So I just wandered into Target (ooh...I know...glamorous outing!) They always seem to have inexpensive, and lovely home decor items. Right now, they are featuring a blue and white collection. What I love about this collection is that it is transitional decor using a a classic color - navy. So to me, it is more of a color trend that will have more longevity.
***All items pictured can be found at Target***

Whimsical Lovelies

Right now, I am working on designing a 3-yr. old girl's room. I wanted to include some 3 -dimensional art on the wall that would create a whimsical feeling . I found some great options. I love all of these.

1. Umbra Wall Flowers (plastic) from Bed Bath & Beyond. Set of 20 for $20 2. - Shop name: EmbellishedPaper. Set of 20 for $10 3. - Shop name: Pink Perch. 12 Birds for $16 4. - Shop Name: Pink Perch. Set of 10 for $16
So, which one are we going with?? I am leaning towards the paper butterflies. They are my first choice because they aren't as permanent as the plastic ones from from BB&B, and I can chose the color of the butterflies - maybe violet...