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My Favorite kind of Mail

Pretty little fabric swatches are my favorite thing to get in the mail.
Custom pillows and drapery panels are being made from the below swatches. I always like to keep a swatch on hand to shop for matching accessories/artwork/etc.This is the design board I created for my client's master bedroom. They already have nightstands and an armoire. Lamps and accessories will be purchased locally.
I love creating design boards for my clients. They are a fabulous tool in helping my clients visual the design, and I just have fun putting them together!

Balboa Island

I love streets that are packed full with cute little boutiques.
If you have been to Balboa Island in Southern California you probably know what I am talking about. I grew up going to this street when I visited my grandparents who live near by in Corona del Mar. My grandpa had a vicious sweet tooth and he would take my brothers and I to get a doughnut every morning at 'Dads Donuts.'
I took these pictures a few days ago when we went to visit my 94 year old grandma before we movw out to S. Carolina in July.

I could look in these shops for hours! It is a great place to visit, has anyone been there?

Lucite to Love

Until recently, I worked in a modern furnishing showroom, we always had a few lucite chairs and cocktail tables on the floor. Lately, I have seen lucite being used in fashion and accessories.




I think lucite is used beautifully in the following interiors.





I love how lucite adds a little bit of 'bling' to a space. What do you think? Do love it, or hate it?


I will be out of the blogging world for the next week. My husband and I are going on a cruise--I can't wait to be in that sparkling turquoise water!


We all can't help our love for sunburst mirrors. They instantly create a 'wow' factor in any room. They can be found repeatedly on blogs and in home magazines - sometimes to the point of over kill where I get sick of seeing them (If I may be so bold to say...) Nonetheless, they are beautiful (sigh). Here are two different takes on the sunburst mirror that I love.

For the tutorial go to this link: http://

Project Peek

This little girl is livin' in style now :)

Nothing to do with interior design...

But a girl likes to share her pretty finds, right?!
I am not even going to pretend like I am able to shop at Nordstrom on a regular basis, but I happened to wander in there today and found that they were having their 'Half-Yearly' Sale and fell in love with these sandals. Thanks to a gift card that I still hadn't spent since Christmas, I decided that it was meant to be. They are so cute and way comfortable!