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Parade of Colorful Christmas Decor

As promised, here is my parade of colorful holiday decor! Left to right, top to bottom: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9
If you missed my Parade of Neutral Christmas Decor click here.
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Parade of Neutral Christmas Decor

Still need some holiday decor?  I searched the internet to find some beautiful neutral decor to share.  I would gladly welcome any of these into my home! Left to right, top to bottom: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9
Come back to see my parade of colorful Christmas decor!

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Christmas Centerpiece Anyone Can Make

Need a quick and simple Christmas Centerpiece?  Here is what I have sitting on my dining table.

I don't claim to be a diva of Christmas decorating, so I usually keep my holiday decor pretty simple. What I love about this centerpiece is that it takes about 2 seconds to put together, is very inexpensive, and you can use what you already have in your house or out in the yard.

If you don't have easy access to holly branches, don't sweat it.  You could use another type of branch or just skip the branches all together. I think it looks great just as it is - clean &  simple:)  You can also paint the tips of the pine cones gold if you have the time. It just adds a little bit of glamour:)

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Project Peek

Just a few years back, I helped a client decorate their little girl's room.  Well, that little girl is getting bigger and it is time to get rid of the crib and bring in the 'big girl' bed.

To see all the pictures of this room, click here.
Below is what I came up with  - all via email, as we now live across the country from each other.  Everything has been ordered, I'm excited to see how it all comes together:)

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Parade of Lamps

Looking for a great lamp?  Below are a few gems I've spotted on the internet lately.  Enjoy!

Sources for lamps left to right, top to bottom: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12

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How To Select the Right Lamp for An End Table

Lighting is very important to any room. With all the varying styles, it can be hard picking the right lamp for an end table.  Here are a few tips you might find useful:

1 - Think of your lamp as part light, part sculpture/jewelry for the room.  Your lamp needs to perform a function but should also look pretty!

2 - Think about what style you are going for.  If your room is traditional, generally a tapered lamp shade tends to be a good option.  If your room is modern, stick with a streamlined drum-shaped shade.

3 - Think about your lighting needs for the room.  If you need a lot of light, don't pick a black (or really dark) shade, instead go with a lighter colored one to give off more light.  

4 - Think about the scale of the table it will be sitting on.  If you have a 'beefy' or heavy-looking end table, a small & delicate lamp most likely won't look right.  Pick a lamp that is proportionate to the size of your end table and the surrounding furniture.

5- Don't b…

How to Accessorize an End Table or Nightstand

Stuck on how to accessorize an end table or nightstand? 
There are so many ways to style/accessorize a table, and really there are no rules. However, if you aren't sure where to begin below is a list of basic items to use that you can't go wrong with:
*A lamp * Artwork/mirror *Books * Floral/branches

In addition, here are a few more accessorizing tips to get you on your way:
Use items of varied heights to keep the eye moving.  Have something short, something medium, and something tall.  Use stacked books to add height if needed.
Meredith Heron
Layer your accessories.  Don't be afraid to let your lamp cover a portion of the artwork.
Group differently shaped items together.  If everything is square/rectangle it just looks boring.
Add pops of color.
Elle Decor
Use unique items that mean something to you, such as something purchased from a trip.  These are great conversation starters, and will add a lot of character to your arrangement.
Country Living March 2011 via

Need …

Project Peek: Master Bedroom Drawings

Since having the baby 2.5 months ago, I am getting back to helping people design their homes...Yah!  Life is busy, but busy is good!
Right now, I am working with a client to help them design their master bedroom, closets, and bathroom.
Here is a just sampling of a few of the drawings I have put together for them.
Custom Built-In Bookcases around the bed.
French doors with large windows leading out onto a future deck - roman shades for privacy and drapery panels to soften the space.
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New Baby & Blogging Break

via pinterest
Alright friends, time for my little baby girl to make her arrival :) I am being induced on Friday. I'm so nervous to have two kids!  I often wonder how I am going to handle everything without losing my mind!  Even still, I know that I am so blessed to be able to welcome another little girl into our family.
I am going to take a break from blogging through the month of June.  Everyone have an awesome month!  Come back and visit in July!

Monday Eye Candy

'Cookie' Rooms

Being 39 weeks pregnant, I have had a serious sweet tooth!  I have been baking a lot of cookies!  My husband has loved it!  I tried to think of how I could relate this to design...hmmm...tricky.  Not much came to mind (my thoughts just keep wandering back to baking more cookies) The only thing I came up with was finding pictures of rooms that look like the cookies I have made over the last few weeks.

A 'Chocolate Chip Cookie' Dining Room I love the warm shades of brown in this space.  It looks very welcoming.

A 'Double Chocolate Chip Cookie' Reading Nook I could see myself sitting there on that bench and eating these cookies right now.  Except...I may worry about getting chocolate on that off white upholstery! via

A 'Snickerdoodle' Kitchen I think this is an awesome kitchen!  I love how industrial elements were brought in through the steel beams, barstools, foot rest, and the wire hanging pendants. Yet the space still feels inviting with the w…

Cute Chair + Coordinates

Check out this cute chair:
+ these great fabrics  to coordinate with it:

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Parade of Outdoor Wicker Lounge Chairs


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Monday Eye Candy: Crystals


crystal wallpaper via

Affordable Wall Art Ideas

Have some blank walls to fill??  I do.  
Here are a few ideas I found today.  For info and instructions on how to make these click 'source' below each photograph.


Stylish Beverage Napkins

Looking for something to spice up your table settings?
via pinterest
  How cute would some of these beverage napkins be?

Parade of Decorative Bird Cages

I have never used bird cages in any home designs, but as I was browsing the internet, I came upon a couple of pretty cool ones.

What do you think of decorative bird cages?  Do you have one in your home?

Girl's Room Design

Here is the direction I'd like to see my little girl's room go.  We are almost done painting the room yellow.   It is  way more welcoming and appropriate for a kids room than the color it was before.

That cobalt blue lamp is on sale for $80, and aren't those sea grass bins cute?  They come in a variety of colors.


I'll admit my posts have been a little far and few in between...sorry for that!  But what can I say, I'm 35 weeks pregnant and my blogging motivation is at a low!
We've been trying to get this room painted for my toddler to move into.  The wall color was a dark and dreary teal color.  It doesn't look too bad in the photo, but it made the room dark and cold-feeling.
I wanted to lighten up the space, so I chose to go with yellow.  As you can probably tell, we are NOT done painting!  It's going to take a few coats of paint to cover up the teal paint.
We have been using  the Shur-Line Edge Like a Pro so that we don't have to tape the ceiling, floor boards, windows, and doors off.  We're not entirely pleased with this product, we have still managed to get yellow paint on the white trim in places. In addition, it's kind of hard to get a straight line of paint right up against the textured ceiling (it's an older home) with the edger.
What have been your e…

Toile: Love It or Hate It?

Toile...are you a fan??
I can appreciate Toile.  I like how Toile scenes tell a story, and I have seen a lot of really intriguing patterns/color combinations lately.  Generally though, it's too much on the traditional side for my personal tastes. In my own home, I probably wouldn't chose to do a whole room in Toile, but could easily handle a few pillows, a chair, or have it framed as shown in one of the above photos. 
So, what about you?  Love it, or hate it???