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Crazy for Hydrangeas

In no way do I have a green thumb, but if I had to chose just one flower to grow it would be hydrangeas. There is just something about them...
I Source:






Source: via Melissa on Pinterest

For the LOVE of CHAIRS...

Chairs...chairs...chairs... are on my love list ( I wouldn't be a designer if they weren't, right?!). They are right up there with beautiful pillows and chocolate mousse...
The fabrics on the two chairs below are just to-die-for!!! So bold and eye-catching!


I had to include this photo. I had a chair similar to these below when I was a little girl. My parents still have day I'll have to snag it for my little girl. Source:

Just gorgeous...I could probably stare at this chair for hours... Source:

This one is an interesting idea...could be really cool in the right space. Source:

Not so sure I love these two chairs below, but hey they get credit for being unique! Source:

Source: None

'Love it' or 'Hate it' ???


I have found that generally people either love or hate tufting. I love it. I just want to be able to reach into these pictures and run my hand over the 'bumps' and texture created by the tufting. I think tufting looks regal, sophisticated, elegant, and just pretty!




What about you? Do you 'love it' or 'hate it'???

Friday Finds

If you need a unique decorative throw pillow etsy is a great place to find them. I could look for hours. Today, I was browsing for a client's master bedroom. I found a couple that will be perfect. Here are some others that are totally not right for their space, but ones that I liked. They would instantly add interest and a punch of pattern to any room.
source source



Parade of Plates

Recently I did a post on white dinnerware, but a little variety is always important! Think about how much fun a table set with some of these dishes would be!

***All dishes are from Anthropologie***


This past week felt like a big whirlwind! My husband had job interviews in South Carolina, Nevada, and Arizona. So with good reason, I feel I have neglected my blog! We are jumping on a plane tonight to finally go home. Our daughter has been a champ through it all - she is now a seasoned flyer in her 8.5 months of life!
I had never been to the South, and absolutely fell in love with how green it is there! My husband and I kept saying to each other, "I can't believe how many TREES there are here!" I hardly got any pictures ( I don't know where my mind was) but as we were driving around with a realtor I noticed a tree periodically that had huge white blossoms on it that I had never seen before. After inquiring to the realtor if she knew what type of tree it was, I learned that it was the magnolia tree.
This isn't a picture I took (remember, I don't know where my mind was!) just a pretty photo of magnolia blossoms found here.
Anyway, so in honor of all the GR…

Keri Russell's Home

I have always really liked Actress, Keri Russell, and I really LOVE her home! To see more pictures click here.

All images from Elle Decor June 2011

Welcome Home!

When my husband and I visited Italy almost 4 years ago, one of my favorite stops was the island of Burano. It is a fishing village where all the homes are brightly painted. They are painted this way so that the fisherman can easily locate their homes at the end of the day. Great idea!

Here in the U.S, I love to see brightly painted front doors on homes! This splash of color adds so much personality to a home. It makes me want to go knock on the door & meet the person that lives there!
If your home could use a little face-lift, painting your front door a bright color may just be the place to start...and it just might help you find your way home:)

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Thursday Find

I want this lucite recipe box. My recipes would love to sit in such a stylish box! There are different patterns you can pick for the front. It costs a pretty penny....but for you serious cooks out there it might just be worth it!


For my client's little girl's room, I attached silk flowers to these wall-hanging book/magazine holders to make them a little more girly and pretty...

I think they will be really cute & a perfect place for her to keep some of her books.

A 'Must - Have' For Your Home...

-White dinnerware-
Don't get me wrong I love colorful dinnerware. When I walk down dinnerware aisles I drool over the brightly colored and patterned sets. Nonetheless, a white set is a staple in the home- a must-have.
Food looks most appetizing on white plates, white is timeless, and can be put with any other colorful &/or patterned napkins, place mats, table runners, to work in the spring, summer, autumn or winter.
Do you have a white dinnerware set that you love??

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