Tuesday, October 25, 2011

5 Way to Know If A Home Is "The One"

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My husband and I have been home-hunting lately.  Wow, what a process!  Our real estate agent emailed us an article on how you know if a home is "The One."  I thought it was interesting - so, here we go:

1)  You instantly feel possessive of it.

2) You start rationalizing it's flaws away.

3)  The kitchen and bathroom don't disgust you.  (That's a BIG one for me!)

4)  You involuntarily envision your family, furniture, decor, daily activities in that home.

5)  You loose interest in seeing other homes.

To see the full article, go here.

I don't  think we can say "YES" to all those questions yet...I guess we will keep looking!

How did you know your house was, "The One"?


  1. Oh Melissa! How exciting!!! I think it's always a great feeling to sink some roots into a place. When we were house-hunting, Jack and I stepped outside into the backyard and instantly "saw" ourselves living there. We turned to eachother and said, "This is the one!" And we seriously love our house and totally lucked out! Good luck on your hunt!!!

  2. Congratulations! That is super exciting... thank you for sharing the article. I believe that is all true and I can remember feeling the same way about our new home.


  3. Very interesting! I totally agree with these points. Good luck finding your perfect place!

  4. Can't wait to use these tips when we go shopping for our home...someday!


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