Tuesday, October 18, 2011

One Item Every Home Needs...

Or two...a pair of ottomans.


Well, to start off they are just so dang cute!  I can't help but love them!  They truly are so versatile.

Here are a few different ways you can utilize a pair of ottomans in your home:

Slipped under a console table & taken out and used as extra seating when needed
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As foot stools

Just 'floating' in a room and used as additional seating

Used as a cocktail/coffee table
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Placed at the end of a bed - perfect for putting on your shoes.  (I love how this looks)
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Placed in a nook of your home around a small table (There are three ottomans in this photo, but its okay...who's counting :)
Pinned Image

Just a little random mom tid-bit about ottomans:
 One of the greatest characteristics about ottomans in their soft corners.  Awesome if you have little ones running around - one less hard thing for them to hit their heads on.  Also, they are the perfect height for infants/toddlers to stand up to.  My daughter loves ours.  I currently just have one ottoman, but eventually I want a second one to go with it.  They don't have to be exactly the same, just work together.

Do you have a pair ottomans you love?


  1. They are so darn versatile aren't they? I love the brass X stools...gorgeous!

  2. Yes, I am obsessed with a pair of ottomans. I need them in my life!

  3. Yes, I totally agree. We have a pair that we use as our "coffee table" .


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