Monday, January 16, 2012

My Master Bedroom

For Christmas, my husband gave me a new comforter and sheets - exactly what I wanted (Let's be honest I picked them out:)  While this is not the greatest picture of them, here they are.  Turquoise sheets and comforter with a white duvet cover (not pictured).  Side note: if you need a comforter at an awesome price this comforter is amazing!  We love it!

Why these colors?

Well, ever since I was a little girl I have been a fish, I LOVE to go swimming.  So this color scheme fits me perfectly.  Every night when I climb into bed I feel like I am getting into a swimming pool.  I feel right at home.

I want to add a few other color accents to the room.  Here are the two different directions I am thinking:

-Turquoise with accents of orange, pinks (just a little husband, don't worry:), and greens- 
I asked my husband what he thought of the below fabric, and he actually said he'd be okay with it.  All because orange is one of his favorite colors.  I love how happy and warm this color scheme feels.

-Turquoise with accents of green and navy-
We are outdoor - lovin' people, so this scheme also fits us well.
What do you think?  Which direction do you like the best?

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  1. I love the orange! It's bold and playful... plus isn't orange supposed to be energizing -- good for those mornings it's hard to get out of bed. :)

  2. I think that either choice will result in a beautiful bedroom, but I really like the green and blue. I tend to prefer and more restful color scheme in my bedroom. Can't wait to see where you end up.

  3. I love both options but I think the first is more unusual and will look amazing!

  4. Both are beautiful choices! I love the orange for its unique and trendy flair, and that peacock print is amazing. The blues and greens are more expected, but also more timeless, and might last longer style wise.
    Either is a great option though! I'm excited to see what you choose.
    ps. Just found your blog and am really loving it!

  5. Turquoise with green and navy for sure. I have been trying to figure out how to include green and navy in my mostly blue house, now I have an idea for my bedroom. Thank you. P.S. Love the quote by Sister Hinkley.


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