Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I'll admit my posts have been a little far and few in between...sorry for that!  But what can I say, I'm 35 weeks pregnant and my blogging motivation is at a low!

We've been trying to get this room painted for my toddler to move into.  The wall color was a dark and dreary teal color.  It doesn't look too bad in the photo, but it made the room dark and cold-feeling.

I wanted to lighten up the space, so I chose to go with yellow.  As you can probably tell, we are NOT done painting!  It's going to take a few coats of paint to cover up the teal paint.

We have been using  the Shur-Line Edge Like a Pro so that we don't have to tape the ceiling, floor boards, windows, and doors off.  We're not entirely pleased with this product, we have still managed to get yellow paint on the white trim in places. In addition, it's kind of hard to get a straight line of paint right up against the textured ceiling (it's an older home) with the edger.

What have been your experiences with these types of tools??

In a few days, I will show you my design plan for the room:)


  1. The yellow will definitely be more cheery! I have never had luck with those types of tools either. Mostly because walls/doors/trim are NEVER square.

  2. I have never been able to get those tools to work well, brush and tape work well for me!

  3. I've used the edger quite a bit and like it. You do have to be careful with it as you can get paint on the little wheels and then on your trim or whatever. It saves a bunch of time over taping. My hand isn't steady enough to edge without tape. I'm painting my kitchen soon and will be using the edger. Without it I'm not sure I would tackle the room myself - all those cabinets to edge around!


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