Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Recently Completed E-Design Project

 Hi there!  I just wanted to share a recent E-Design project I completed.  

E-Design is great for clients who would like my help with designing their home that do not live in my area.  All communication is done via the internet (and phone calls if needed).  The process begins with the prospective client filling out an online questionnaire.  Once reviewed, I email back a quote to complete their E-Design Package.  If  accepted by the client, I then email any additional questions I may have, ask for measurements or additional photos. I also email a contract for the client to sign and email back. To learn more click here.

Below shows the E-Design Package my client received through email.

Every E-Design Project I deliver comes with a 'Source List' of where to purchase everything.  It includes quantity, pricing, and purchasing specific notes.  I miniaturized this page, because the only person who gets to know the direct sources for the room design is my client.  This is what they paid me for:)

Helpful notes and tips are also included, to help my client along the way!

Below is the  houzz review my client wrote about her experience working with Melissa Boyer Interiors.

If you would like to learn more about my E-Design services, visit my website.


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