Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Creating a Focal Point in a Room

There is nothing more monotonous than a room with blank boring walls. All rooms need a focal point. A focal point grabs attention & draws the eye. A focal point also helps to make a room feel more balanced & inviting. If your room has a fireplace, a beautiful picture window, or a wall of built-in shelves you're lucky - there is your automatic focal point. If your room doesn't have any of those things you have to create one. Here are a few ideas:

Put a vertical stripe of a bold printed wallpaper as a background to a console table-
Without the wallpaper the plain console table with simple black lamps would be a boring vignette. Notice the piece of art on each side made of the same wallpaper design.

Let the headboard do the talking -
Isn't that just so pretty? It is just enough punch to add a wow factor. If the print is too much for your taste, you can always do a solid upholstered headboard. Just make sure there is enough contrast between the color of the wall and your headboard so that it pops and still creates a focal point for your room. Don't forget to accessorize with beautiful pillows.

A beautiful mirror -
This one is easy. A wide variety of intriguing mirror are readily available.
Look for a mirror with a unique shape, interesting frame, and/or color.

Paint one wall a contrasting color & top it off with a collage
of framed artwork.
Image via Domino

Place a bold patterned rug in the room.

Put wallpaper on the backs of a bookcase and accessorize.

Use a 'something' in an unexpected way -
How many times do you see chalk boards in a residential dining room? Something like this automatically becomes the focal point, as the black boards are striking against the black paint & they will be a topic of conversation with guests.

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*Images via Ideal Home Magazine, unless otherwise noted

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