Thursday, March 31, 2011

Melissa's Inspiration Notebook

I have been dreaming lately about how I would redo my master bedroom. There is a pretty good chance that we may be moving in the next few months, so I just might get that chance :) Shh!!...don't tell my husband.. actually, he did mention we needed new bedding... :)

So, I have been debating on what color scheme I would go with. I have always been drawn to warm and cozy colors. Maybe that is because I am a 'summer girl' and love the heat. On the other hand, I like the relaxing feeling of cool colors, like light lilacs and soft blues.

I think I came up with a compromise between the two. Here is the vision floating around in my head...


  1. I think this looks great. It makes me think that that I could actually do something cute with my tiny master bedroom.

  2. I just used that lotus chandelier in a nursery. So fun to see it in a grown-up space, too! Chic Rooms


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