Friday, April 1, 2011

Choosing what color is "you."

So, you have an empty room you would like to decorate, or you have a space you would like to remodel & freshen up. How do you decide what color scheme to go with?

Here are some ideas to help you figure it out:

**Look in your closet - What colors are your clothes? This is a good indicator of what colors you are most drawn to. If your closet is full of clothing in earth tones maybe you would like your room being decorated in earth tones.

**Build your room around a starting point piece - something you love. This could be a pillow, art, rug, etc. Look at what colors are in that piece and start putting your color scheme together from there.

**Flip through a couple of current home decorating magazines and see what jumps out at you.

*Look at other rooms in your home (if you are not completely starting over or in a empty new home). You want to have color flow in your home. This does NOT mean you want the exact same color scheme in every room. It just means you want to incorporate different shades of one color and complimentary colors in each space.

Here is a simple example: The predominant color in your living room is navy. Perhaps, you decorate your kitchen in a lighter shade of blue, such as periwinkle blue and add small accents of navy (a bowl, kitchen towels, etc.).

** Pick 3 to 4 colors to create your scheme (but there are always exceptions). This will give you enough colors to work with and will keep the space interesting.

For example: 1)white 2) grey 3)charcoal, and 4) lavender - You could use white for the wood trim color, lavender for the the wall color, charcoal for the sofa color, and all four colors in accessories, pillows, drapes, etc.

***Most importantly, pick a color scheme that 'feels' like you!

Image via Domino Magazine

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  1. I am loving this blog! I don't get to it too often and I don't have a space of my own that I could decorate, or lived for more than six months in the same place, but when the time comes, and hopefully it will be soon, I have tons of decorating ideas. Thanks for the work you put into putting this together!


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