Monday, April 4, 2011

Simple Art Solutions

Image via J Caroline Creative (framed scrapbook paper)

No room is complete with empty walls.

I am all for investing in expensive, beautiful and original artwork - I think it is money well spent. Unfortunately, we don't all have the means to do that. Therefore, here are some low-cost options that anyone can do with a little time and creativity.

Take high resolution images, transform them to black and white, and enlarge.
Purchase basic clean-lined frames for a gallery look or purchase frames of varying thicknesses/designs and paint them all the same color for a more unique look. (P.S. A few days ago I picked up two frames w/mats at a thrift store spending only $ a future post, I will show you what I did with them).

Frame fabric.
This option works best with a bold-print fabric.
Image via Anne Becker in Elle Decor

Stretch fabric over stretcher bars & staple on the back side.
Stretcher bars can be found at any art supply store in a variety of different lengths, so you can dictate the exact size you would like your art to be. These two pieces hang in my little girls room over her crib.

Hang plates as art.
For a unified look pick plates that are the same color(s).

Hang Wallpaper on the wall.
Anchor the top and bottom with a rod & then use
chains/rope/ribbon to hang in place.

Frame postcards (these ones are famous land marks).
For a more professional look, mat them also. Placing the art around the sunburst mirror makes this a very appealing arrangement.

If you need help filling your empty walls with art that will shine,
email me at

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