Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Creative Flower Vases

Flowers are often times the perfect finishing touch to a room.
Don't think you have a beautiful vase laying around?  Well, take a look at how you can dress up what you may have on hand:

Roll of twine with a tiny container (baby food jar, maybe?) on the inside to hold water and flowers.

Straight glass vases covered with a spray painted perforated metal sheet

Straight glass vase covered with bark.

Vase covered with a place mat.

 Ribbon wrapped around the actual stems of the flowers & then placed into vase.

Ribbon or  band of paper wrapped around the base of vase, & then flowers placed in 'cones' of paper. (Though I don't think this idea would last long, as I don't see any water :)

Vintage aqua blue mason jars.


                          A tea cup (a small arrangement like this is perfect for a nightstand).

             Display a collection of jars & brightly colored ornate glasses with small bunches of flowers.


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  1. Fantastic ideas...I've always loved the little mini teacup arrangements, they are just so charming! And the ball of twine idea is so genius and *simple*!!! I'm all for easy (c:


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