Monday, July 11, 2011

Design Consultation

I have a good friend and client who recently needed some design help. He didn't need that
much in-depth help just a few pointers in the right direction and then he would take it from there. An 1 hr. design consultation was perfect for his needs.

His style is a mix of traditional and modern furnishing for a more eclectic feel.

This was his kitchen. It was nice, but needed a little updating. We talked about installing a new tile back splash, new granite counter tops, refacing the cabinetry and the color selection.

This is an upstairs bedroom that he wanted to use as relaxing area and library. We didn't do too much in this space, I suggested painting the wood work white for a fresh look and installing new roman shades. He purchased the Stressless recliner from San Francisco Design in SLC.

This was his dining room. He found a small round dining table that he loved from Elite Manufacturing purchased through SFD, and I found the drum lighting fixture to go above it.

Many people had told him that the green stair runner had seen better days, and that it was time for something new. I agreed, and gave him a few suggestions on what he could do, and then he went to the carpet store and picked out what he liked. The new stair runner looks great, and is so much more sophisticated.

He has a large collection of old comic books and he has framed and put in various spots around his home. They add a lot of color and interest to his home.
He painted his closet in a nice green shade. For some reason it just seemed to be the perfect color for that space, and made his closet quite inviting (even though you don't really hang out in closets :)
This is his living room. At first, he wanted to replace the beautiful painting hanging over the fireplace with a flat screen T.V. I strongly suggested leaving the art there, because it creates a gorgeous focal point when you enter the room, in addition, it's a family heirloom. I assisted him in picking out the sofa, and suggested the black contrast welt on his sofa for a little 'pop'.
I think he did a great job updating his home, and I enjoyed helping him.


  1. Nicely done!! Your friend is lucky to know such a talented designer:)

  2. Agree with Carol. He is VERY lucky! :-)


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