Friday, July 29, 2011

How to NOT make a TV a focal point

I like T.V. just as much as the next person - every Monday night you will find me right in front of it glued to The Bachelor/ette!  Even still, I don't like it when a huge flat screen T.V. is the main attraction in a space.  I don't think a T.V. necessarily needs to be hidden from sight,  just placed somewhat inconspicuously.  There are all sorts of nifty contraptions out there for framing, making it appear as a mirror when off, having a motorized framed piece of art slide over it,etc - all fantastic solutions, but all very expensive solutions. Below are some awesome ways to tastefully place a T.V. in a room without it being the focal point of the room or breaking the bank.

Surround it with art.  All the blacks in the art help to make the black screen not stick out so much.

Off-set the T.V. on the fireplace wall with another beautiful piece of art work/accessories.  The T.V. is there -with no shame,  just placed with other more interesting decorations that draw the attention.

Place the T.V. in a bookcase next to the fireplace.

Hang dark wallpaper behind the T.V. to camouflage it.

In a kitchen space, this website suggests treating a T.V. as an appliance among many on a wall, it becomes invisible in a way.
1. traditional kitchen How to Put TV in Your Kitchen Room

Keep the T.V. small in a kitchen space, and place near a corner.  Not to mention, the gorgeous tiled wall (likely not so inexpensive:) behind it overshadows the small T.V.
12. modern kitchen How to Put TV in Your Kitchen Room

This one takes some handy-work.  The art pieces are mounted on tracks and slide to the left and right to reveal the T.V.  Cool, huh?  (Off the subject - look at that awesome chair that looks like its made out of a radiator)

So, what do think about displaying a T.V.?  Do you care about disguising it?  Do you have any other cool ideas for down-playing a T.V. in a room?


  1. Great ideas! I always have this issue with clients. I like the dark wallpaper the best. :)

  2. I agree with Kirsten--the dark wallpaper is amazing. But the kitchen hiding trick is pretty neat, too!

  3. I love these ideas Melissa! Especially the kitchen. I might just be copying that one day!

  4. Great tips here, nice to call in and be welcomed.

  5. I think the black and white framed art is the most practical suggestion for our family room. Love it!


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