Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Parade of door wreaths

Wreaths are usually associated with holidays, but there are stylish modern wreaths that are great in the summer time, or any other time of the year. They help to make the front door just little more welcoming, and say, "Hi, I have it all together, I have a wreath on my door!" Well, maybe. Anyway, take a look. Most of these could be made with a little time and patience!

This one is made with acorns. Directions to make it can be found here.

This sea shell wreath would be great year round if you live near
the beach (or hey, if you wish you did :)

I found this cute wreath on etsy.

I love this burlap wreath. This blogger made it as a Christmas wreath, but I don't think it would have to be (especially if you switched up the colors).

Do you have a great wreath hanging on your door?


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