Thursday, February 7, 2013

Design Tips: Hanging a Lighting Fixture over a Dining Table

Airy Dining Room

A beautiful lighting fixture over a dining table is kind of like jewelry, it completes the space.  So, how do you know the appropriate height to hang a light fixture over a dining table??

A good rule of thumb.......
 is to hang your light fixture 30 - 35 inches above your table if your ceilings are 8 feet tall.  Add 2 to 3 inches for every foot above that.

Following that rule of thumb should get you in the right area.  After that, have someone hold your light fixture up to the height it would be hanging.  Take a step back & give it a good look.  Adjust the height as necessary to what you think looks balanced.

Good Luck!

Old Greenwich Beach Cottage - contemporary - dining room - MuseInteriors


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  1. A Light fixtures looks stunning in dinning area. if they are hanged properly the whole look of room will change. The feel of room itself becomes mesmerizing. Thanks for sharing the methods to hang it.

  2. That is so beautiful! I love it. I wish I had your creativity, but you inspire me!Kids Car Beds

  3. Those are such pretty table and stands - love them! I definitely need something better than a plate.

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