Friday, September 2, 2011

Find the Space never knew you had!

pull-outs under the stairs

Skirted end table to hide what may be underneath
Craft Project: Simple Slipcover for Shelves

Skirt to cover up ugly things under the sink in a laundry room

Cubbies to drop off shoes in the entry

Hanging measuring spoons/cups on the inside of a cabinet door

Storing curling irons on the inside of a cabinet door

Hanging garage storage

Installing wire to store wrapping paper in a closet

Using a large frame and branches to store/display jewelry

Magnet to hold tweezers

Hanging purses decoratively on the wall

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  1. Omg these are the best ideas ever! I may never lose my tweezers again!! Have a great weekend

  2. I could seriously use some of these clever storage ideas in my home! I love the pull outs under the stairs and the cubbies for keeping shoes at the front door!


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