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How to NOT make a TV a focal point

I like T.V. just as much as the next person - every Monday night you will find me right in front of it glued to The Bachelor/ette !  Even still, I don't like it when a huge flat screen T.V. is the main attraction in a space.  I don't think a T.V. necessarily needs to be hidden from sight,  just placed somewhat inconspicuously.  There are all sorts of nifty contraptions out there for framing, making it appear as a mirror when off, having a motorized framed piece of art slide over it,etc - all fantastic solutions, but all very expensive solutions. Below are some awesome ways to tastefully place a T.V. in a room without it being the focal point of the room or breaking the bank. Surround it with art.  All the blacks in the art help to make the black screen not stick out so much. source source Off-set the T.V. on the fireplace wall with another beautiful piece of art work/accessories.  The T.V. is there -with no shame,  just placed with other more interesting decorations that

Creative Flower Vases

Flowers are often times the perfect finishing touch to a room. Don't think you have a beautiful vase laying around?  Well, take a look at how you can dress up what you may have on hand: Roll of twine with a tiny container (baby food jar, maybe?) on the inside to hold water and flowers.             Straight glass vases covered with a spray painted perforated metal sheet             Straight glass vase covered with bark.           Vase covered with a place mat.                                           Ribbon wrapped around the actual stems of the flowers & then placed into vase. Ribbon or  band of paper wrapped around the base of vase, & then flowers placed in 'cones' of paper. (Though I don't think this idea would last long, as I don't see any water :) Vintage aqua blue mason jars.                        

Monday Eye Candy!


The Great Outdoors

Summer is by far my favorite time of year! Doesn't that set-up for watching a movie look amazing? Or take a look at that fire pit with stars. I love to sit by the fire, make smores, laugh, and stare at the stars (this is where I miss those Utah mountains!) Anyway, enjoy my collage I put together. Maybe it will provide some summer fun inspiration, or at least a little bit of dreaming! Sources for photos: outdoor movie , striped pillows , hanging glass lanterns , Smoothie Pops , Dusted White-Choc. Popcorn , Fire Pit , Strung out door light/black and white pillows , Watercolors on table , Hanging Paper Lanterns

Isn't Organization Beautiful... via Melissa on Pinterest I am not a master of organization, but here my tips for bringing a little order to chaos :) * Have a place for EVERYTHING. * If you haven't used it in the past yea

Parade of door wreaths

Wreaths are usually associated with holidays, but there are stylish modern wreaths that are great in the summer time, or any other time of the year. They help to make the front door just little more welcoming, and say, "Hi, I have it all together, I have a wreath on my door!" Well, maybe. Anyway, take a look. Most of these could be made with a little time and patience! This one is made with acorns. Directions to make it can be found here . This sea shell wreath would be great year round if you live near the beach (or hey, if you wish you did :) I found this cute wreath on etsy. I love this burlap wreath. This blogger made it as a Christmas wreath, but I don't think it would have to be (especially if you switched up the colors). Do you have a great wreath hanging on your door?

Happy Monday!

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors are great for adding light, an illusion of more space, and character to a room. Here are a few spaces where mirrors have been used to enhance the room: Layering the mirrors I love the use of the small round mirrors on each side of the bed - a great alternative to art work. The large mirrors in the two next pictures help the space to feel open and so much larger. I had never thought about layering the mirrors and mounting them on the wall, like shown below. Very creative!

Design Consultation

I have a good friend and client who recently needed some design help. He didn't need that much in-depth help just a few pointers in the right direction and then he would take it from there. An 1 hr. design consultation was perfect for his needs. His style is a mix of traditional and modern furnishing for a more eclectic feel. This was his kitchen. It was nice, but needed a little updating. We talked about installing a new tile back splash, new granite counter tops, refacing the cabinetry and the color selection. This is an upstairs bedroom that he wanted to use as relaxing area and library. We didn't do too much in this space, I suggested painting the wood work white for a fresh look and installing new roman shades. He purchased the Stressless recliner from San Francisco Design in SLC. This was his dining room. He found a small round dining table that he loved from Elite Manufacturing purchased through SFD, and I found the drum lighting fixture to go above it.