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What I've been Up to In My Home

As I have mentioned, we purchased our first home a few months back.  Here is a peak into what I have been working on. 

This is a shot into my kitchen.  We needed a set of counter stool badly.  
(And new paint, but we are not talking about that today!  
Not to mention, a new back splash in my dream world!) 

Because I am working on a budget, I turned to and purchased this set for an awesome price.
They met all my requirements: 

* Had to be COMFY...well this was more of my husband's requirements!
* Had to have a modern flair without going too overboard...I love the square cut-out in the back.
* I really wanted white...These are more of an off-white but they work.
* Had to be able to wipe down...My daughter + ketchup fingers.  You know what I mean.  These look like leather, but are vinyl.  Very easy to clean up!

Also, we have gotten our dining room painted.  To find out how I made sure I picked the right color, take a look at this post.

Here is the BEFORE:

And here is a peak of the AFTER.  I still have work to do in here -  such as recover the roman shades, put artwork up,  & hopefully get a new light fixture.  So far though,  new paint makes all the difference.  I love how it is coming along!

We are also working on making over our 1990's wallpapered bathroom.  Hopefully, I will get those pictures posted soon!  Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. The stool that you have bought complemented the wall counter top shape and color. It's as if the stool and the counter top came as a package. Vinyl covering is low in maintenance and can last for a very long time, so great pick on that. Congratulations for having such beautiful house, by the way!

    Kristopher Washington @Paramount Title Corp.

  2. Those white guest chairs in the kitchen are too gorgeous! Beautiful work!

  3. Lovely lifestyle decors, I love the white chairs too.


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